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When someone receives a commercial trucking ticket, Long Island truck drivers know exactly who to turn to for help, The Glass Law Group. You may not know it but those who receive a ticket for a trucking violation usually end up with much higher fines and penalties than a motorist would receive for other traffic violations. If you are stopped while operating a commercial vehicle, there is a good chance that you will receive multiple tickets when you are stopped. We don’t want to shock you but there are some violations that are imposed upon commercial truck drivers that can cost thousands of dollars.

Resolving a Long Island Commercial Trucking Tickets

Finding the resolution for a commercial trucking ticket isn’t always as easy as 1-2-3. There are various things that need to be considered, such as which court your ticket is in. There are courts that will be stricter than others. No matter which court the case is being heard in, New York law requires that counsel represent a corporation. When the ticket is written to the corporation, an attorney will need to appear on behalf of the corporation. This would be the best time to reach out to one of our Commercial Trucking attorneys at The Glass Law Group for representation.

Why Hire The Glass Law Group

With so many years of representing local commercial trucking companies in Long Island, NY, our lawyers have built a good reputation in the industry. They are the go-to lawyers whenever a commercial trucking ticket is issued to you or your corporation. Since our lawyers are in court often, they are familiar with the processes imposed by each one. We work hard to get your trucking violations dismissed or at best, a reduced fine. In either case, we are often able to get a better outcome than most would assume were possible.

Common Long Island Commercial Trucking Violations

There are definitely some commercial trucking violations that we handle more than others at The Glass Law Group. If you want to know if we can handle yours, have a look at some of our commonly handled trucking violations:

  • Carting, sanitation, contracting, waste and refuse removal

  • Permit and regulatory violations

  • Out of service

  • Overweight violations

  • Equipment violations

  • General DOT violations

  • Hazardous material transportation

Overweight Fine Schedule

Today overweight fines are based on the percentage overweight. The following is the New York State overweight fine schedule.

Percentage of Excess Weight:

Greater Than Up To Fines
0% 2% $150
2% 4% $300
4% 6% $450
6% 7% $525
7% 8% $600
8% 10% $750
10% 12% $950
12% 14% $1150
14% 16% $1350
16% 18% $1550
18% 20% $1750
20% 22% $1950
22% 24% $2150
24% 26% $2350
26% 28% $2550
28% 30% $2750
30% 32% $2950
32% 34% $3150
34% 36% $3350
36% 38% $3550
38% 40% $3750
Greater Than 40% $3750 + $125 for
each % over 40

It doesn’t really matter how you ended up in the predicament, you can be sure that our Long Island Traffic Ticket attorneys will do their best to assist you in continuing to operate your business without interruption. When you don’t understand the law as it relates to your rights as a commercial trucking company or driver, give The Glass Law Group.