Commercial Trucking Ticket Lawyer Nassau County

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Nassau County, NY commercial truck drivers know that they can always rely on the services of The Glass Law Group to assist them when they have received a traffic ticket of any type. It may not seem fair but those who receive a trucking ticket usually end up paying a lot more than the average motorist. They often receive stiffer penalties and more expensive fines. In a lot of cases, a commercial driver will receive several violations at once when they are stopped. Much to the surprise of many motorists that we represent at The Glass Law Group, they receive fines that cost thousands of dollars.

Settling a Commercial Trucking Ticket in Nassau County

The reason that you are encouraged to seek professional representation for a commercial trucking ticket is that they can be more difficult to navigate than a standard ticket for a motor vehicle. There are a number of considerations that are to be meticulously thought through before definitive action is taken in your case. Regardless of the court hearing, the case in New York, New York law stipulates that counsel is needed to represent a corporation. This is when it is especially important for you to turn to one of our attorneys to represent your corporation.

Hiring The Glass Law Group

Our traffic ticket attorneys in Nassau County have years of experience representing various industries when they are hit with commercial trucking tickets. We have built our reputation on getting the best results for our clients. The Glass Law Group has established itself as the go-to law firm in Nassau County, NY for every type of business with commercial trucks on the roads. Our attorneys are in court every day and this means they are familiar with the processes of each court. The goal is to get a reduced fine but ultimately to get the trucking violation dismissed. Despite what many drivers think is possible; we often receive the best outcome when representing drivers who receive commercial trucking tickets in New York.

Common Commercial Trucking Violations in Nassau County

At The Glass Law Group, we handle some specific commercial trucking violations more than others. If you’re wondering whether we can handle yours, why not look at the below list to see if your trucking violation is listed:

  • General DOT violations
  • Permit and regulatory violations

  • Out of service

  • Overweight violations

  • Equipment violations

  • Carting, sanitation, contracting, waste and refuse removal

  • Hazardous material transportation

Overweight Fine Schedule

Today overweight fines are based on the percentage overweight. The following is the New York State overweight fine schedule.

Percentage of Excess Weight:

Greater Than Up To Fines
0% 2% $150
2% 4% $300
4% 6% $450
6% 7% $525
7% 8% $600
8% 10% $750
10% 12% $950
12% 14% $1150
14% 16% $1350
16% 18% $1550
18% 20% $1750
20% 22% $1950
22% 24% $2150
24% 26% $2350
26% 28% $2550
28% 30% $2750
30% 32% $2950
32% 34% $3150
34% 36% $3350
36% 38% $3550
38% 40% $3750
Greater Than 40% $3750 + $125 for each % over 40  

We don’t care exactly how you ended up with a commercial trucking ticket; all that we care about is getting the problem resolved for you as quickly as possible. Our Nassau County traffic ticket attorneys will always represent you to their best ability so that you can go on operating your commercial business without any interruption. If you don’t understand your rights as motorists, as it relates to the law as a commercial trucking company or driver, rely on The Glass Law Group to handle your case.