Commercial Trucking Ticket Lawyer Suffolk County

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The commercial drivers in Suffolk County, NY depend on the representation from The Glass Law Group whenever they receive a traffic ticket. This is because we have proven time and time again that we know what we are doing. When we represent you, you’re able to get the relief that you are hoping for by relying on the services of a qualified attorney. It is unfortunate but in most cases, drivers of commercial trucks have higher penalties and fines than regular motorists. Also, when a truck driver is stopped, they will usually receive more than one ticket at the same time. In some cases, the fines of a commercial truck driver could add up to thousands of dollars.

Helping You Settle a Commercial Trucking Ticket

It is true that dealing with a commercial trucking ticket is more challenging to understand than a regular vehicle ticket. However, just because it is more challenging doesn’t make it impossible. We prove this whenever we take on this type of case at The Glass Law Group. Our attorneys understand that there is a lot to consider before they take any type of action on your behalf. No matter where your case is being heard in Suffolk County, New York State law requires counsel to represent a corporation when their driver receives a trucking ticket. That is why it is especially important for you to rely on the services of qualified attorneys, like the ones at The Glass Law Group.

Why Hire The Glass Law Group

We work with some of the best and most qualified traffic ticket attorneys in Suffolk County, NY. Our attorneys have experience working with various industries when their driver receives a commercial trucking ticket. Our reputation is built on getting results for our clients. Perhaps this is why our services are often the first ones that are called upon when a commercial truck driver receives a ticket. We are the most reputable and dependable law group in Suffolk County. Since our local attorneys are in the courtrooms every day, they know a thing or two about what it takes to get the results they are aiming for; reduced fines or a violation that is dismissed. We know that some drivers think it is simply impossible to beat the court system, but this is because they lack the experience in negotiating with the courts of Suffolk County.

Suffolk County Common Commercial Trucking Violations

There are some commercial trucking violations that we handle more than others at The Glass Law Group. If you want to know if yours is included, consult the below list of trucking violations:

  • General DOT violations
  • Overweight violations

  • Equipment violations

  • Permit and regulatory violations

  • Out of service

  • Carting, sanitation, contracting, waste and refuse removal

  • Hazardous material transportation

Overweight Fine Schedule

Today overweight fines are based on the percentage overweight. The following is the New York State overweight fine schedule.

Percentage of Excess Weight:

Greater Than Up To Fines
0% 2% $150
2% 4% $300
4% 6% $450
6% 7% $525
7% 8% $600
8% 10% $750
10% 12% $950
12% 14% $1150
14% 16% $1350
16% 18% $1550
18% 20% $1750
20% 22% $1950
22% 24% $2150
24% 26% $2350
26% 28% $2550
28% 30% $2750
30% 32% $2950
32% 34% $3150
34% 36% $3350
36% 38% $3550
38% 40% $3750
Greater Than 40% $3750 + $125 for each % over 40

Regardless of how you acquired a commercial trucking ticket, we’re here to help you find a resolution that will quickly help you put the incident behind you. Our Suffolk County traffic ticket lawyers do their best to provide you with the best representation possible so that you can continue to operate your commercial vehicle despite the temporary interruption. They will help you understand your rights, as the traffic laws relate to your specific situation. You can count on The Glass Law Group to produce favorable results.