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Now that you are aware that your license is revoked, what are you going to do about it? Who are you going to call to find out what your options are? What exactly does a revoked license mean? You might not know your license is revoked until you receive something from DMV notifying you of the revocation. If your driver’s license is revoked, call us immediately at The Glass Law Group. Our attorney will help you understand what your rights are and what you can do to get your license back in good standing.

Let’s start by explaining what a revoked license means. When your license is revoked it means that it is canceled and that you need to a new one issued after the revocation period is over. You can’t simply go and apply for a new license; you must first get the approval of the New York State DMV. Again, this can only be done after the revocation period has ended. This can be a pain because you may be required to go through the process of taking the driving and written tests again. This is in addition to paying an application fee again for your new license. Motorists that are considered a high-risk driver or who don’t meet the requirements set out by the DMV; may have their application denied.

We know that this may all sound foreign to you but rest assured that our license revocation attorney will be able to help you understand all that applies to you. They will walk you through the process of reinstating your license so that you can start driving again.

Some Reasons Your License Might Be Revoked

Your next question might be, why your license was revoked in the first place. There are various reasons why this might happen. The reasons that your license might be revoked could be the same reasons that your license has been revoked. If you have too many repeat violations after your license has already been suspended, this could lead to your license also being revoked.

If you have multiple DUI convictions, this could result in your license being revoked. Too many traffic ticket points can cause your license to be revoked. If you are stopped and it is found that you are actually driving with a suspended license, you can expect to find your license to be revoked at some point.

Some of the most common traffic violations that can result in your license being revoked is as follows: (this applies when there are multiple convictions or offenses)

  • Failure to register your vehicle
  • Reckless driving
  • Drag racing or speed contests

  • Failure to answer traffic summons

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

  • Leaving the scene of an injury accident

Seeking Representation in Nassau County

The worst thing that could happen to a person who is found driving with a revoked license is that they are jailed. If you find yourself in the situation do not hesitate to contact us at The Glass Law Group. We will fight to get you out and get your license reinstated. Give us a call immediately!

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