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If you have a license that is revoked and you don’t know why you’re probably in a panic. Like most people who find out that their license is revoked without knowing it, you’re likely asking why and what do you have to do to get this problem resolved. In a lot of cases that we deal with at The Glass Law Group, most of the motorists don’t even know what revoked license actually means. When you find out that your license has been revoked do not hesitate to contact one of our License Revocation Lawyers. They understand your rights as a New York motorist and what you need to do about the situation.

So you’re not clear about a revoked license. It is similar to a suspended license because like a suspended license, your license is canceled. You’ll need to have another issued once the revocation period ends. Unfortunately, you can’t just go to the DMV and apply for a new license. You have to contact the New York State DMV to get their approval. Just remember that you cannot apply until after the revocation period ends. It is truly a pain since you might also be required to go through the entire process of taking the written and driving tests again. You’ll also be required to pay the application fee for the new license. High-risk motorists may actually be denied a new application until further notice.

At The Glass Law Group, we understand that this may not make sense to you or sound fair. When we handle your case, we’ll go into detail about how this all relates to you specifically and how it can adversely affect your life if you do not seek professional representation from a qualified traffic ticket attorney.

Why Your License Might Be Revoked in Suffolk County

There is no doubt that you want an answer to the big question ‘why’? There are numerous reasons why you may have your license revoked. These reasons may be the same reasons that your license could also be suspended. Too many repeat traffic violations once your license has been suspended can result in the suspension of your license. The eventuality of this is a revoked license.

Multiple DUI convictions can also lead to your license being revoked. A lot of traffic ticket points that have added up over the years may also result in your license being revoked. Remember that driving with a suspended license can cost you dearly; it could cost you your license. This is another reason that you may have your license revoked.

Common traffic violations may also include the following:

  • Failure to register your vehicle

  • Failure to answer traffic summons

  • Leaving the scene of an injury accident

  • Reckless driving

  • Drag racing or speed contests

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

Why Contact The Glass Law Group

If you are found driving with a revoked driver’s license, it could land you in jail. This is a situation that undoubtedly calls for the help of The Glass Law Group, where our attorney will fight to settle your case and get you back on the road with a fully reinstated license.

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