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Motorists in New York State are required; by law, to have registered auto insurance. There is a minimum amount of liability insurance that every motorist must also carry to cover the vehicle and the person or person’s who may be injured should an accident occur. Motor vehicles must also be insured for “no-fault”, coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists. If you ever receive a ticket for a suspended registration, suspended license or as a noninsured driver, rely on The Glass Law Group traffic attorneys in Nassau County, NY.

Sometimes, an insurance policy will lapse, which is in violation of VTL 319-1 (uninsured motorist). This occurs when the driver’s auto insurance premium goes unpaid. The DMV is not responsible for notifying you of any unpaid premiums and unfortunately, not every insurance company will send you a letting to let you know that you have not paid your premium. Not paying your premium is often why driver’s find themselves with a suspended license.

Don’t panic and Don’t Plead Guilty! Just pick up the phone and give us a call at The Glass Law Group. Our attorneys in Nassau County, NY is here to help. You will receive some pretty serious charges, like a revoked license for a year, if you don’t proceed in the correct manner. You may also be hit with a mandatory Driving Assessment fee of $750, court fines and surcharges. Consult with our attorneys and avoid any of the aforementioned.

How To Get Your No Insurance Ticket Dismissed

Despite your best efforts, you might still think that it is impossible to have your no insurance ticket dismissed. However, there are always exceptions. If you have just acquired the needed insurance for your vehicle on the day you were stopped and pulled over, this would be grounds for dismissal. The only way to effectively handle this type of situation is to ensure you have the necessary paperwork that will verify that you did, indeed, acquire the insurance prior to being pulled over. At The Glass Law Group, we’ll help you get the necessary paperwork in order so that your case is dismissed. It helps that most insurance companies know exactly what is required in the letter that they are asked to send to you.

Get Help from The Glass Law Group Uninsured Driver Attorneys

Whenever you are looking for an attorney to represent your uninsured driver ticket, you can always turn to us, as we have knowledgeable and dedicated attorneys that are able to assist you with your case. They will go to court with you and do everything within their power to get you reduced fines and an acquittal of charges against you. Their ability to find inconsistencies is what enables them to provide motorists with the best outcome.

Below are just some of the defenses that our attorneys have used to get no insurance cases thrown out:

  • You were driving someone else’s vehicle

  • You thought the vehicle was insured under a different policy

  • Your rights were violated when the police pulled you over

  • The vehicle that you received a ticket for was not being operated

  • You were not notified by your insurance company of their canceling your policy

Contact us even if you don’t think these apply to you