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In New York State, motorists have to have auto insurance. This is the state law that applies to every motorist. They are also required to carry liability insurance to cover the expense of the vehicle and anyone they may injure in an unfortunate accident. Your vehicle must also have ‘no-fault’ coverage for underinsured and uninsured motorists. Contact The Glass Law Group if you have a received a ticket while driving without insurance.

Violation VTL 31901 (uninsured motorist) is when your auto insurance lapses. A driver’s auto insurance premium that is not paid will result in a lapse of insurance. Despite what you might think, it is not the responsibility of thinking DMV to notify anyone who does not pay their insurance premium. Also, you may not receive a notice from your insurance company until they have already reported a lapse in your insurance to the DMV. A suspended license is often the result of unpaid premiums.

Whatever you do, don’t panic or plead guilty to driving without insurance. Instead, contact The Glass Law Group where our attorneys can help you avoid the serious charges that you might receive. Driving without insurance could result in your license being revoked for at least a year. A motorist found driving without insurance will have to pay for a Driving Assessment, which is generally $750. This fee is in addition to other fees that are imposed upon you because of driving without insurance.

Getting Your No Insurance Ticket Dismissed

You may be like a lot of another motorist who contact us at The Glass Law Group who are hopeful that we can get their ticket dismissed but are doubtful. There is a reason you chose our law firm instead of some other law firm in Suffolk County. You know we get results! There are always exceptions to why someone may be driving without insurance. One of them is that you may have just bought insurance that same day but it may not be in the system yet. This is something that you may not be able to fight alone and that is why it is a good idea to have legal representation that can actually fight to have your case dismissed. With us on your team, we’ll advise you of all that is required for you to get your case dismissed. This usually just requires that you are able to present proof of exactly when you purchased the insurance.

Get Help from Our Suffolk County Uninsured Driver Attorneys

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about your rights, even as an uninsured motorist, in New York. They will help you make it through the entire ordeal and do their absolute best to ensure that they can get you an acquittal of charges or have the fines reduced. They have the ability to find any inconsistencies that might be present in order to receive a favorable outcome for our clients.

Here are some of the defenses that our attorneys use to get your case thrown out:

  • You were driving someone else’s vehicle
  • Your rights were violated when the police pulled you over

  • You thought the vehicle was insured under a different policy

  • The vehicle that you received a ticket for was not being operated

  • You were not notified by your insurance company of their canceling your policy

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