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While most motorists think that it is just easier to pay a speeding ticket and forget about it, sometimes it simply isn’t that easy. Based on the New York Department of Motor Vehicles points system, if you accept and pay the fine, it may cost you later. The Glass Law Group is who you should contact when you need a speeding ticket lawyer in Long Island, NY. We are able to help keep those traffic points from mounting up on your record. The more points you have the worse your situation will become. The DMV fines and court fines will undoubtedly increase. Not only this but your insurance company might go up on your rates. You might lose your license through suspension or revocation. Worse yet, when stopped for a speeding ticket, you might find yourself jailed for other infractions.

The outcome of your case will depend on various factors. These include, how fast you were traveling over the speed limit, where the ticket is returnable, the judge hearing your case, the prosecutor and speeding in a school zone. Your driving record will also be considered. The aim of your speeding ticket lawyer at The Glass Law Group is for the dismissal of your ticket or a reduced fine.

Long Island Speeding Ticket Fines

In New York, the points for a speeding ticket is determined by how many mph over the indicated speed limit you were traveling. Here is the number of points you will accumulate based on mph over the speed listed:

1-10 mph over posted limit = 3 points

11-20 mph over posted limit = 4 points

21-30 mph over posted limit = 6 points

31-40 mph over posted limit = 8 points

More than 40 mph over posted limit = 11 points

Don’t Plead Guilty to a Long Island Speeding Ticket

Again, pleading guilty to a speeding ticket is not necessarily your best option. In fact, we have some other options for you, which may reduce the number of points you receive, never receiving points or a reduced fine. It is in your best interest to consult with The Glass Law Group before pleading guilty. We will make sure you know everything that you need to know so that you can make a well-informed decision.

What Gets You a Six-Month License Suspension in Long Island, NY

Unfortunately, we have motorists who turn to us after they have already received several speeding tickets. The result of receiving at least three speeding tickets within 18 months is the loss of your driving privileges. Yes, that’s the quickest way to receive a six-month license suspension. Avoid this possibility by contacting The Glass Law Group whenever you receive a speeding ticket.

Drivers Assessment Fees in New York State

Here is a hard peel for most motorists in New York to swallow. If you accumulate 6 or more points in New York State, with violation dates within an 18-month period, the New York State DMV will charge an assessment fee. This fee starts at $300 ($100 per year for 3 years). This amount will increase if the points increase. The assessment fee is on top of any court fees, surcharges or fines that you may receive.