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You might think that it is just easier to go ahead and pay the fine for the speeding ticket that you’ve received. However, it isn’t as easy as you might think. In New York, when you accept and pay the fine, you may accumulate points that can add up and cost you in the future. The Glass Law Group will always be here when you need us. We have speeding ticket attorneys in Nassau County, NY who know exactly what to do to handle such cases. Allow us to prevent those points from piling up on your record. You don’t need to find out the hard way just how bad things can become due to traffic points adding up, as long as you allow us to handle the case for you. Avoid any increased fines and higher insurance payments with the assistance of our traffic attorney at The Glass Law Group.

While we are unable to predict the outcome of your specific case, we can assure you of a more favorable outcome. The outcome will depend on things, such as where the ticket is returnable, the speed you were traveling, whether you were speeding in a school zone, the prosecutor on the case and the judge hearing the case.

Nassau County Speeding Ticket Fines

The points that we are referring to will be determined by how many mph over the speed limit the motorist was traveling when stopped. Below is the number of points that will accumulate based on mph over the speed limit indicated:

1-10 mph over posted limit = 3 points
11-20 mph over posted limit = 4 points
21-30 mph over posted limit = 6 points
31-40 mph over posted limit = 8 points
More than 40 mph over posted limit = 11 points

STOP! Don’t Please Guilty to a Speeding Ticket

Despite what many motorists think, pleading guilty to a speeding ticket is not always your best option; especially if you already have points on your record. There are other options that are available to you that help to reduce the number of points you might receive, a reduced fine, or possibility never receiving any points at all. It is always in your best interest to rely on The Glass Law Group for representation rather than just pleading guilty to speeding.

How Your License Can Get Suspended for Six-Months in Nassau County

Don’t take your time about contacting our law office. Too many contact us after they have received several speeding tickets. If you were to receive a minimum of three speeding tickets within an 18-month period, you may lose driving privileges. This is the easiest way to get a six-month license suspension. You can avoid this possibility by relying on our speeding ticket attorney when you get a Nassau County speeding ticket.

Assessment Fees in New York State

When a drive has accumulated 6 or more points in New York State, with violations within an 18-month period, DMV will charge the motorist with an assessment fee. The fee starts at $300 ($100 per year for 3 years). This amount can increase when/if the points increase. This assessment fee is in addition to any court fees, fines, and surcharges.