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Despite what many motorists believe, it isn’t always easier to pay a traffic ticket and forget about it. Sometimes, it comes back to haunt you later. If you accept and pay a traffic ticket, you could start accumulating points on your record. The Glass Law Group is here when you need us. Let our speeding ticket attorney in Suffolk County, NY help get you the help that you need. Our attorneys are familiar with exactly what needs to be done when handling your case. They will help you prevent the points from adding up and keep it off your record. We wouldn’t want you to find out the hard way just how bad things can get when there are too many points on your record. You won’t have to find out when you have the right representation on your side. The Glass Law Group speeding ticket attorney can also help you avoid increased fines and higher premium payments.

We can’t tell you how the outcome of your case will be but we can assure you that in most cases, we produce favorable results. The outcome of your specific case will depend on certain variables, such as how fast you were traveling when you were stopped, whether you were speeding in a school zone, where the ticket is returnable, and who what judge will be hearing your case. Knowing this information helps us effectively prepare your defense.

Suffolk County Speeding Ticket Fines

The points that we continue to reference are determined by how many mph over the posted speed limit you were traveling when the officer pulled you over. We have compiled a list of the number of points that can accumulate based on mph over the speed limit that you were traveling:

1-10 mph over posted limit = 3 points
11-20 mph over posted limit = 4 points
21-30 mph over posted limit = 6 points
31-40 mph over posted limit = 8 points
More than 40 mph over posted limit = 11 points

Just Don’t Plead Guilt to a Speeding Ticket

Pleading guilty to a speeding ticket is not always advisable, as there are far more options available to you. We want to help you keep the points from mounting up on your record. This is why we suggest you rely on The Glass Law Group. Our Suffolk County traffic ticket attorney can help you get the points reduced, help you get a lesser fine or help you avoid getting points at all. Never simply plead guilty without knowing what your options are. That is what we are here to do; help you understand your many options.

Getting Your License Suspended Due to Speeding Tickets

If you take your time about contacting our law office, you may not be able to avoid the consequences of your action. We have many clients who call us only after they have received multiple speeding tickets. If you receive three speeding tickets (within 18-months) your license could be suspended. In fact, a lot of our clients experience this. However, by contacting us as soon as you receive the speeding ticket, we are able to help you avoid this from happening to you.

Assessment Fees in New York State

When a drive has accumulated 6 or more points in New York State, with violations within an 18-month period, DMV will charge the motorist with an assessment fee. The fee starts at $300 ($100 per year for 3 years). This amount can increase when or if the points increase. This assessment fee is in addition to any court fees, fines, and surcharges.